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    Here is an outline of my services that will help you understand what I can do for you, whether you are a new or existing Small or Mid-Sized Business Owner.


    Good bookkeeping is critical in managing the financial aspects of your small business. With a clear and current financial picture, you will be better prepared to drive your business in the right direction.


    Up-to-date bookkeeping can help you:

    • Be more profitable 
    • Manage your business growth by making timely and informed business decisions
    • Help manage cash flow
    • Complete accurate GST/HST returns
    • Aid in the preparation of accurate tax returns
    • Ensure that you are protected when dealing with CRA and audit situations.


    Bookkeeping services can include a variety of things including the preparation and management of:

    • New financial system setup (if you use QuickBooks Pro)
    • Catch up services, if behind
    • Accounts Receivables & Payables
    • Payroll
    • HST & Payroll Filings with CRA
    • WSIB Remittances
    • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations
    • Preparation of Financial Statements such as Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets as well as others
    • T4 & T4 Summary
    • Preparation of year-end for accountant
    • Communication with CRA on your behalf


    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do."







  • Contact Information:


    Orleans (Ottawa), Canada Area

  • I am very dedicated and passionate about my work and take pride in the services that I provide.

    My clients can count on me for honesty, consistency, diligence and reliability, and I strive to keep them happy. I take my work seriously and continue to build and strengthen my capabilities to provide the best services, in my ongoing commitment to my clients.

    Currently serving the Ottawa, Orleans, and surrounding communities and looking forward to building new relationships with businesses who need help in managing their finances.

    • Types of Businesses I Have Served:

      • Retail Stores
      • Automotive Repairs
      • Non-Profit
      • Electrical, Flooring, Plumbing and Renovation Contractors
      • Dance Studio
      • Travel Adventures
      • Masonry & Construction 
      • Restaurant/Cafeteria
      • Real Estate Investment & Property Management
      • Media Publishing
      • Bait & Tackle Shop
      • Mobile Mechanic & Towing Services
      • Small Engine Repairs
      • Seniors' Resource Centre
      • Cash Register Sales & Services
      • Personal Fitness Trainer
      • & many more...



      I have worked with Carmelle since early 2014 and is she a great bookkeeper. She is highly organized, has attention to detail, is very thorough, works efficiently and completes her assignments in a timely fashion. I highly recommend her.

      F. Bastien




      Carmelle is very dedicated, hard-working and deadline focussed. She is easy to reach, responds quickly and is detailed about her work. It's a pleasure to work with her.

      P. Ausland




      I hired Carmelle at the beginning of 2012 to take care of my small business bookkeeping. She is very professional in her work and what I really like about her is that she pays a lot of attention to all the small details. She always emails me if she is missing documents or if she has questions for me. I would definitely recommend Carmelle if you need a trustful person with a nice personality to take care of your small business bookkeeping.

      C. Leclair


    • Pricing & Packages

      I offer hourly rates, fixed monthly or quarterly pricing.

      Hourly Bookkeeping Rates

      Free Initial Consultation - 1 Hr.


      $31/Hour at my office

      $35/Hour at client's office



      • QuickBooks Pro one time set up fee 
      • Clean up or catch up 
      • T4 & T4 Summary Preparation 
      • HST and Payroll Filing
      • CRA Support 

      *Pricing varies depending on the complexity of the work and/or volume of transactions.

      All Monthly Bookkeeping Packages Include:

      Free Initial Consultation - 1 Hr.


      • Monthly Bank/Credit Card Reconciliations
      • Payroll
      • Preparation of Financial Statements
      • Year End preparation for Accountant


      *Pricing varies depending on the complexity of the work and/or volume of transactions.

      Starter Package*

      • Payroll for 1-2 Employees 
      • 1-2 Bank/Credit Card Accounts
      • Monthly Bank/Credit Card Reconciliations
      • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements
      • Year End preparation for Accountant

      (Each extra bank/credit card account, add $50)

      Essentials Package* 

      • Payroll for 2-4 Employees
      • 2-3 Bank/Credit Card Accounts
      • Monthly Bank/Credit Card Reconciliations
      • T4 & T4 Summary Preparation 
      • Preparation of Quarterly Financial Statements
      • Year End preparation for Accountant 

      (Each extra bank/credit card account, add $50)

      Professional Package* 

      • Payroll for 3-5 Employees 
      • 2-4 Bank/Credit Card Accounts 
      • Management of Accounts Receivables (Invoicing) and Accounts Payables (Pay Bills)
      • HST and Payroll Filing
      • Monthly Financial Statements
      • Year End preparation for Accountant 

      (Each extra bank/credit card account, add $50)

      Executive Package* 

      • Payroll for 6-10+ Employees 
      • 3-5 Bank/Credit Card Accounts 
      • Management of Accounts Receivables (Invoicing) and Accounts Payables (Pay Bills)
      • HST and Payroll Filing
      • CRA Support
      • Monthly Financial Statements
      • Year End preparation for Accountant 

      (Each extra bank/credit card account, add $50 and additional fees apply for each additional employee)

    • For Quarterly Packages, please request a Price Quote Form and/or Free Consultation.


      Please note


      These packages can be customized for each client's specific needs.


      You select the services you want or need, and I can put together a plan and package price for your business, or if you're not sure, we can sit down and review your needs together. If you prefer hourly rates, that is an option as well.


      If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to assist you.


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      Keeping Records (Required by CRA)



      Contact me to request a free consultation. I’ll provide you with a custom service plan proposal and quote based on your business needs.

      I would be happy to hear from you and answer any of your questions.

    • Owner Bio

      Freelance Bookkeeper

      Feb 1999 – Present

      My experience with accounting started in my first full time, permanent job, and then after years of exploring other areas, I found myself back in accounting with a desire to learn all the aspects of the accounting cycle, not just accounts receivable and accounts payable. That’s what led me to do bookkeeping for small businesses. Also because I have always enjoyed variety as well as learning.